Farbiger ökologischer Putz für Innen und Außen - Nie wieder streichen
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Eco-Kourasani is a family business, with a background in natural building and sustainable constructions, based in Athens Greece. Established in 2000, Eco-Kourasani manufactures their unique blends of natural plasters for the architectural, interior design, renovation and restauration industry and we have successfully contributed in creating healthy environments, both in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, commercial interior design and residential industries. Working for many years with architects, interior designers and contractors, we now have a large portfolio of projects to showcase and we pride ourselves for our experience and expertise we have acumulated over the years.

We wish to return and stress out the family nature of our business, because this is what makes us commited and devoted to what we do. It also helps us focus on the customers' various needs on a more personal level, giving us the necessary adaptability and the ability to face any challenging project. As a result, no project is too big or too small for us.

Available in many standard colours, as well as customisable colours on request, Eco-kourasani plasters are available in various textures, from very smooth to heavily textured, they require no painting, they are breathable, humidity and temperature regulating, non-toxic, and made from all natural materials.

Our business, developed from our passion for natural materials and sustainable living, combined with our expertise, has lead us to develop healthy, beautiful and high performance interiors and exteriors. Combining traditional methods and natural materials, our projects not only look beautiful, but they are also environmentally friendly and people friendly. Eco-kourasani plasters combine a timeless appeal and beauty, but they also offer hard wearing and durable finishes, that provide healthy environments that promote well-being.

Eco kourasani ist verfügbar in mehr als 30 Erdfarbtönen. Farbtöne sehen Sie im Farbkatalog

Farbiger ökologischer Putz für Innen und Außen - Nie wieder streichen

Eco-Kourasani hat eine deutlich höhere Ober- flächenhärtung bei gleichzeitiger Elastizität als andere, gewöhnliche Putze.

Eco-Kourasani beinhaltet nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe, erlaubt dadurch den Wände zu atmen, sorgt für einen optimalen Temperaturausgleich und wittert oder bröselt auch bei Frost nicht.

Farbiger ökologischer Putz für Innen und Außen - Nie wieder streichen
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